Surgical technique

Minimally Invasive surgical technique
with the stich method

In this minimally invasive surgical technique, the ear is not cut open and no cartilage is removed or processed. The desired result is achieved simply with the aid of sutures. In order to insert the sutures, 2 very small incisions (approximately 1–2mm) are made on the back of the ear. The surgeon then inserts the sutures and connects them, with a small surgical needle, to the cartilage in the ear.
Every single suture changes the shape and position of the auricle (the projecting outer portion of the ear). During our procedure, one is able to observe the progress in a handheld mirror and see the changes for themselves.
The suture material that we use has been used in surgery for a very long time. The material is very well accepted by the body and has virtually no history of causing reactions. This is not surprising because the sutures are made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms and we have millions of these atoms in our body. So from this point of view, the material of the sutures are not foreign to the body. Based on a special process, we also ensure that the sutures are not absorbed by the body.
As a result of this special process, the stitches remain ‘forever’ in the ear cartilage. The ear cartilage will remodel – this varies depending on each individual – and finally take the desired shape. This process for the final remodeling can take up to two years.
At the end of the operation, the small cuts on the back of the ear will be sewn shut with a hair-thin stich. These stiches, which are slightly visible from the outside (but not noticeable), will fall out on their own. If a patient should experience any discomfort they can be removed sooner by a professional. 
We are not allowed by German Law to show any ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos on our website. However, during a personal meeting, I can show you many such photos of successful procedures.
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